THC Peppermint infused Bath Salts

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BRAND: Island Therapeutics

Island Therapeutics | THC Infused Bath Salts Peppermint | 200mg THC | 550ml Bag

β€œSuch a lovely soaking experience in the bath with this delightfully infused bath salts!”

Take your Self-care to a higher level.

A luxurious THC bath salts infused with 200mg of THC and energizing peppermint essential oil that gives you a transformative, serene bathing experience. The cooling aroma of peppermint and the soothing benefits of THC work in harmony, dissolving stress and muscle tension while calming and nurturing your skin too. Immerse yourself in this fragrant, tranquil oasis and emerge feeling revitalized and completely at peace.

A calming atmosphere and a nice warm BATH = A GOOD NIGHT SLEEP πŸ›πŸŒ›πŸŒΏ Good sleep is associated with a lot of health benefits, from immune system strength to pain recovery. A THC Infused bath is a great way to allow us to calm our minds and aid with insomnia and anxiety.

Relieves aches, pains and soreness

Release anxieties and tensions

Improves sleep quality as it relaxes your entire body

Uplifts mood and induces mental clarity

Improves the health of skin and leaves it silky smooth

For optimal results, let your body soak for at least 30 minutes. Enjoy & give time to soak in all the healing goodness.


Premium cannabis-based products lovingly made in Vancouver, BC. Best known for some of the highest quality in the CBD Oil market right now.

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