Peanut Budder Krisps

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BRAND:  Tokin Bliss Medibles & Concentrates

Dosage:  75 MG THC | 25 mg Per Piece | 3 Pieces Per Bag

Peanut Budder cups with crushed golden sponge toffee dosed perfectly with full spectrum concentrate.

Healing Effects: Perfect for winding down after a hectic day & for the following conditions: Sleep aid, Depression / Anxiety, Pain relief.


Tokin Bliss Medibles & Concentrates strive to make high-quality medible products that are not just strong in effects but in taste and flavour also. We truly believe that taste has a lot to do with the ability to take your meds. All of our products are handmade, from baking to Nostalgic candies. There are no chemicals, fillers and especially… preservatives. Citric Acid is the only preservative used at Tokin Bliss and we are proud of that fact. We do not spray a tincture onto our products, that’s guessing. All our products go through a process where the Cannabis extract, whether THC* or CBD* is blended in as one of the ingredients. Dosing accuracy is much higher when you know exactly how much is IN each piece. Give it a try and you will agree…*Best on the market!*

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