Flowerr Botanicals This Dope Sh*t THC-Infused Personal Lubricant

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BRAND: Flowerr Botanicals.

Flowerr Botanicals This Dope Sh*t THC-Infused Personal Lubricant- 8 oz

β€œLove this lube! It smells great and feels amazing. The sensation turns good sex to great!”

This Dope Sh*t Lubricant from Flowerr Botanicals helps to increase circulation to enhance her orgasm and elongate his journey with the highest quality essential oils.

This is a 100% organic personal lubricant made with love by Flowers Botanicals from Vancouver Island, BC. Formulated with organic coconut, almond oil, and ylang-ylang oils and then infused with Cannabis-rich MCT oils, this lubricant is long-lasting and designed to bring more pleasure to both men and women. This is an amazing pleasurable product to use for a more intimate connection and sexy time with your partner or some playful β€˜me’ time 😍

Do not ingest. For External use only. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Store in a cool dark place.

Cannabis Infused MCT Oil, Almond Oil, Vegetable Glycerine, Hemp Oil. Essential Oils such as Ylang-Yland, Black Pepper, Tea Tree oil and Orange oil.

Specializing in creative & soul comforting topicals derived from all-natural ingredients. Handmade with love from Beautiful Victoria, BC.

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