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About Your CBD Massage Journey

Are You Ready to Experience the Pain-Relieving Magic of a CBD Foot Treatment + CBD Oil Body Massage?
Your CBD Massage journeys are all truly healing & pain relieving with the main focus on your often achy feet, quads, legs, lower back (sciatic pain) & groin area. Your feet are enveloped in special hot towels infused with the highest quality Epsom salts, CBD oils & essential oils, while your neck & back are covered with a heated blanket.
Every pressure point on your feet is connected to specific areas of your body (such as your shoulders, neck, lower back etc.) but we often take them for granted and forget that OUR FEET CARRY OUR WHOLE BODY! walking, running, from morning to night every single day! 
I specialize in and LOVE giving incredibly amazing foot massages. Your feet have so many pressure points that when massaged in a way that you feel is genuine, it sends feel good signals to the rest of your body and makes you feel sensations that you probably never felt before!
The average active person takes around 7,500 steps a day. If you maintain that daily average and live until 80 years of age, you will walk around the Earth five times! GIVE YOUR FEET SOME PAMPERING TLC THEY DESERVE IT TOO!
My natural wellness studio is a safe, trusting & free of judgment space where you can lay down, stretch out, shut off your brain and completely tune out the hustle and bustle noise of the outside world. I work beautifully in tune with how your body responds to pressure and pay careful attention to your muscles to guide me where you feel soreness or pain. By using a blend of healing CBD + Cannabis oils I knead out all those annoying knots and stretch out every part of your body.

All of Your Sessions Include these Restorative Treatments

You will always receive Professional Courteous Service (I strive for perfection & professionalism in my massage treatments with absolutely no exceptions!) from the moment you walk into my studio to the minute you step out all refreshed & ready to take on another day!
Cooling green tea eye mask
A reviving mini facial massage infused with cooling green tea compress for tired eyes. This works wonders for the over thinkers & those who have a tough time relaxing and switching off their brain. You’re left feeling refreshed & all your senses awakened ready to seize the day!
Full Spectrum CBD Oil
CBD oil works in harmony with your body to encourage a more balanced body+mind and overall wellness. It Is widely known to ease muscular tension, reduce inflammation, and get deep down to the source of pain to not only relieve it, but to also heal the injured area. This natural plant's calming & healing effects work wonderfully in unison with my Balinese massage techniques to quite the mind, you will literally feel your aches and pains simply melt away... Read more here What Happens During a CBD Oil Massage
Thai Yoga Stretching
Thai yoga gentle stretching to release all tension stored within your body. Stretching feels incredible! It lets all that lactic acid that collects within our joints to dissipate & avoid inflammation.
Feet soak, scrub + delightful foot massage
I wrap your achy feet in hot towels soaked with Epsom Salts, then scrub using a natural lava pumice stone that removes dry skin to prepare your refreshed feet for a delightful massage, using a soothing CBD foot balm that’s enriched with Active Manuka Honey, Peppermint Oil + vitamins to nourish, smooth & repair cracked dry feet. Truly will make you feel like you are floating on cloud #9
Holistic Healing Through Massage: Awakening Body and Spirit
Through my massage sessions, I encourage my patients to experience a feeling of wholeness, oneness, zen, bring you to a state of peaceful meditation of mind & body. This activates your body’s natural energy within you (to awaken, spark creativity, setting goals, strengthen your belief in yourself, dreams and wishes that you have kept inside you but you want to share them with the world) this is where true healing of body and spirit takes place..
I like to set myself and my services apart and my goal for my patients is to create & provide a safe, truly genuine whole body treatments that heal you not only physically but spiritually as well

you are my top priority!

The Heaven Earth CBD massage experience is really all about you. It’s about how you feel, work, sleep, and most importantly – how you feel after leaving my Heaven on Earth wellness studio. Come by & feel the difference!

I set high standards for my practice and the kind of products that I use on my patients *Please see a list of products I use by going to our Natural wellness shop for men here. I use only Natural non irritating ingredients and always Canadian made from amazing reputable local suppliers that share the same values as I do.

We all have to be kind and support one another, especially after all we have been through these past couple of years, the help and kindness you put out there will always find it’s way back to you.

I am very much looking forward to your visit..
Peace… Love… Happiness…