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About Julianna

Quiet the Mind and your Soul will Speak..

The power of human touch.
Breath... Recover... Heal with Julianna Eliz (CBD & Cannabis Pain Relief Healer)
An avid advocate for my own and everyone else's spiritual awakening. Fascinated by the mind, spirit & body connection, I chose to pursue a form of massage style that embodies all - The Balinese Massage
t is a wonderful & healing blend of flowing, detailed body work that puts emphasis on treating not only your body physique but also includes your feet that have the most pressure points that connect to your body.
When your body and your feet are properly massaged in one session, your mind joins in & responds beautifully in unison.
That’s when your whole-being achieves that heavenly connection of being whole…
About Julianna & the journey to
becoming a Natural Healer

My name is Julianna Eliz, I am of European background 43 years young 🙂

I am a very down to earth kind of gal (a little 70s hippie vibe) I am by no means or trying to be the ‘fancy looking’ type that is just not me or my personality, I believe looking and feeling naturally attractive is best and that is how I like to present myself. I have a pleasant friendly relaxed manner & enjoy connecting with like-minded individuals on a professional level who appreciate a real, genuine talented woman. 

I have been described by my patients as: “An empathetic with a highly intuitive nature, she adds a level of expertise that sets her work apart.. She will use her own life experiences to give guidance to her patients to help them both personally and spiritually if needed. Educated and with vast knowledge of the groundbreaking healing benefits of CBD+Cannabis and its many benefits of healing the body, CBD Oils are incorporated in all of her treatments. A truly genuine delightful person who just loves helping people through a naturally holistic approach to pain and stress relief. ” 


You have helped me throughout this journey to become better at my healing practice and I truly appreciate each and every one of you from all of my heart THANK YOU

I believe in living life of intention and meaningful purpose, being active and making a positive impact around those close to me, both in my personal and professional life.

Personally, I find healing with CBD Oil & Cannabis truly fascinating, and I always educate myself on the latest research & scientific findings about this wonderful plant. I indulge in reading/ listening to podcasts and self help material that helps me expend my knowledge of natural, sustainable living, spiritual awakening, meditation & always on the lookout for innovating programs and products in the healing space to introduce them to my patients.

It is my calling to spread love and light in a time where it is so much needed in this day and age.

My clientele is an amazingly diversified group from busy professionals, business owners to gym buffs, and they all require healing on a higher level, something that is different than the average clinical massage treatment.

I love my practice and what I do & I am deeply honored and humbled to bring a unique healing style to each and every one of you.

My services are mostly catered to Health + Wellness aware individuals who are searching for more than just healing their physical pain, but also their mental/ emotional ‘pain’. We all need a safe place to escape to & reconnect to ourselves every once in awhile..

After 12 years of experience providing healing and excelling my massage skills , I noticed constant cases of chronic lower back/sciatic pain and neck/shoulder pain. I realized there is a real need for a newer, more natural form of massage treatments that are not only effective, but are also personable, caring, thoughtful & instinctive. I take the time to understand my first time patient’s healing needs and apply personalized treatments that will help their wellbeing and overall body aches & pains.

I decided to transform the way massage has been done by not breaking down & performing each treatment separately or providing A la carte services like other spas do, I mean why shouldn’t you get a great deep tissue massage, a good foot soak, scrub plus foot reflexology all in ONE SESSION?? no wonder we sometimes leave the spa feeling kind of unsatisfied and wanting just a little bit more!

Every body part, from your head down to your feet, receives its own dedicated time and attention, particularly dealing with persistent pain & soreness. At the same time I gently guide you to release any emotional ‘pain’ you’re holding on to (it will hide itself as stiffness and your body unable to relax/ not tighten up during the session).

If asked for my advice, I absolutely don’t mind to include some time into the treatment session (free of charge of course- I love to enlighten & spread my knowledge!) to educate my patients regarding their physical and mental wellbeing. Through mindful guidance, you will learn simple yet effective practices you can incorporate into your daily life for a more sustainable lifestyle, healthy body+mind, vitality and longevity.

I am so humbly grateful that I am able to use my gifted hands to help heal others. It makes me truly happy when I hear from my patients how their shoulders, back or any other body parts have healed or how they are able to do things they have not been able to before!

I always keep a positive attitude with light hearted sense of humour, easy to communicate with and willing to accommodate as best I can in these unpredictable times we live in.

"Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, non but ourselves can free our minds"
- redemption song by Bob Marley 
The journey to Happiness

While on a quest and my constant need for a deeper meaning in life, like most people I tried to find my purpose, my calling, most importantly, what truly makes me happy. I traveled locally and abroad to expand and seek special moments, connections and memorable experiences. I found out (as well as being told from those I formed close connections with) that I have a healing & nurturing streak which fuelled my desire to offer healing massage treatments to others, to form connections with likeminded individuals who were seeking the same deep meaning to life. I realized that this was my calling and what made me really happy.

I truly believe that at the end of the day, whether we go through good or bad, the arguments with those close to us, the misunderstandings, the war that rages within most of us.. deeply we still seek a loving understanding connection

To connect with others..to relate..to try our best not to hurt others with words or actions

to love deeply, all forms of love, free of guilt or shame and be loved that much in return.. In my humble opinion, that is the truest meaning of what Happiness is…