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Safe, clean and pure, Our range of CBD Plant-based Products & Services will encourage natural healing to… make your soul light and keep your head right.
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Clear away the clouds and bring on the sunshine…
Full-Spectrum CBD Plant-Based therapeutics to help alleviate your anxious mind
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Sleep deeply & wake up revitalized.
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Because we’ve got clean, plant CBD therapeutics to soothe your sore spots & bounce back stronger than ever!
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The best journey in life is the journey back to yourself.

To our space, a place of non-judgemental respite for ALL health and wellness-minded individuals.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule, we appreciate it. You're invited to explore something new & different… a more natural approach to how you care for your body. Whether you’re already on your path to plant-based wellness, or just starting out on your wellness journey and curious to learn more, our mission is to inspire everyone’s well-being through the power of CBD & the wonderful healing plant.


HIT REFRESH - Explore our Healing CBD Body treatments offered at our Natural Healing Studio located in Vaughan. Created with you in mind, offering pain relief as you recalibrate.
CBD Massage Packages
“Doing all you can to help your body heal is a courageous step- Your body will love you unconditionally for it”
CBD 101 / Benefits of Healing with CBD Pain-relief Treatments
The Endocannabinoid system within our bodies is a truly magnificent biological system that regulates many important functions of our body. CBD works in harmony with these systems to promote our overall well-being, such as a healthy response to pain, stress, and encouraging our own body’s abilities to heal.
Center your soul & cleanse away your stress
Reconnect to your - self & experience something purer, loosen up your tight muscles & soothe your nerves. Our CBD + Cannabis healing practitioner, Julianna, uses a soothing blend of Whole Spectrum CBD oil, cannabis pain relief balm plus Magnesium oils that provide incredibly soothing pain relief to reduce discomfort for tired, sore & aching muscles. 
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Feel your body awakened by letting inner peace in…
Life has been so strange for us this past couple of years. It’s been hectic & unpredictable to say the least, with hand sanitizer everywhere! Then inflation hits us! leaving us mentally & physically exhausted. Prioritizing our well-being needs is the only way back to feeling sane and grounded again.
I am here for you to bring calmness so you can be ‘set free’
Here is your ‘heavenly hideaway’ without all the noise

Life is a fine balancing act

Whether it is sleep, pain, or an anxious mind keeping you up at night, we have the right product for you. Our collective of top Canadian CBD brands will inspire you to wind down for that deep sleep you crave, wake up refreshed and mentally alert to focus on what matters to you most.
We carefully curate, thoroughly research brands & put in the work of due diligence to help you find the best plant-based CBD products on the market that suit your needs the most. Reclaim your life & grab it! So you can easily handle all obstacles life throws your way.
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We truly believe in giving everyone a chance to live simply, beautifully, while doing our best to heal from within. So we can get the best sleep,get rid of anxiety and manage body pain & recovery naturally

What is the most important daily habit for happiness?

Turns out, the secret to happiness is something we do every night- sleep! Or we try to anyways. According to a recent study, sleep quality and not getting enough deep sleep has major implications on our mental health as well as physical health.
CBD Dosage Guide: How Much Should I Take & Why It Makes A Difference
CBD has a sweet spot and different dosages can have different effects on us. More isn’t always better – smaller doses (around 10-20mg) are shown to increase mental clarity, a larger dose (30-40mg) may help with relaxation and sleep. Here are a few tips on how to find your ideal dosage with the help of a CBD dosage calculator
CBD dosage guide
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We follow these simple concepts that are Non-negotiable for us:
Transparency: We take pride in providing transparency in every step of your shopping experience at our store to ensure you know exactly what to expect from our plant-based wellness products.
Consumer Education: We understand that knowledge is truly power, that's why we focus on education to provide our customers with an ample amount of information to empower​, have product knowledge, uplift, encourage and inspire healing naturally & sustainably.
Quality Products: We make sure the quality of every product we feature is second to none, using only the cleanest ingredients and processes to ensure an effective product. ​
Reasonably Priced: CBD+THC products can get expensive, and we understand that our customers want the best care for their bodies. That's why we take pride in providing green plant-based access to everyone. You should be able to heal naturally without breaking the bank.
We strive for a 100% satisfied customer experience
We want you to shop with ease of mind. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase or need help finding a product that addresses your needs, please contact us via live chat or email us at hello@heavenearth.shop, and we will do our best to make it right.
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Our unwavering commitment to quality, transparency, education & reasonable prices
We don't just sell you, we educate & inform so you can make good healthy choices regarding what you use and consume for your body.
CBD+THC products can get expensive, and we understand that our customers want the best care for their bodies. That's why we take pride in providing green plant-based access to everyone. You should be able to heal naturally without breaking the bank!
Zurab “Zura” Shyvarbidze
Zurab “Zura” Shyvarbidze
Clean studio, Julianna is very personable, skilled and helped me alot with the pain issues I had and gave me lots of extra time! CBD oil was great also. I highly recommend this place. Thank you 😊